Quality and

Quality and certifications

The identity cards of our excellence.

Quality: a constant that is our source of strength.
Anodall Extrusion dedicates attention and care to each phase of management of the semi-finished product. The prescriptions set by the main international standards are the guidelines for quality controls of production.


Physical tests on metal materials
Brinell hardness test UNI EN ISO 6506-1
Tensile testing UNI EN ISO 6892-1
Roughness UNI EN 12020-1


Chemical tests
Chemical analyses UNI EN 14242


Inspections of dimensions and form of extruded products
Round bars EN 755-3
Square bars EN 755-4
Rectangular bars EN 755-5
Hexagonal bars EN 755-6
Bridge die tubes EN 755-8
Profiles EN 755-9
Precision profiles EN 12020-2


Check of the anodic layer
Measurement of thickness Induced current method ISO 2360
Sealing Dye-spot test ISO 2143
  Loss of mass ISO 3210:2010
  Measurement of admittance ISO 2931
Abrasion resistance Sandpaper method  
Appearance and colour   UNI EN ISO 7599
Salt spray resistance   ISO 9227


Inspection of painted material
Conversion ISO 10546
Gloss value EN ISO 2813
Coating thickness EN ISO 2360
Indentation EN ISO 2815
Dry adhesion EN ISO 2409
Wet adhesion Resistance test in boiling water
Machu test  
Bending EN ISO 1519
Impact ASTM D2794 - EN ISO 6272
Cupping test EN ISO 1520
Corrosion in acetic acid salt spray ISO 9227
Checking the ΔE on the painted product  


Inspection of sublimated material
Gloss value EN ISO 2813
Coating thickness EN ISO 2360


Dimensional and form tests for workpieces obtained with mechanical processes
Dimensions UNI EN 22768-1
Geometry UNI EN 22768-2


Certifications: accurate selection and quality results.

The company philosophy is based on compliance with health and safety legislation and quality certification.

This code of conduct has resulted in Anodall Extrusion being registered to UNI EN ISO 9001 for its quality system and obtaining EC certification for metal semi-finished products for structural use. Anodall obtained anodized product certification (QUALANOD), painted product certification (QUALICOAT), and sublimated product certification (QUALIDECO).