High profile innovation

Extrusion is a process for hot processing of aluminium. A process born at the end of the nineteenth century when the first industrial applications appeared thanks to the activity of G.A. Dick. We have now reached the present day, to perform the extrusion process as we know it today. Here it is in its basis stages.

  • Heating the aluminium alloy ingot known as a billet.
  • Once heated, the billet is inserted into a hollow cylinder called container at the end of which a die with a shaped slit is positioned.
  • The billet, through the effect of the pressure exerted by a piston, moves through the slit, giving rise to the profile.
  • When the profile comes out of the press, it is taken by a puller to the stretching phase.
  • The profile is then cut to size (length requested by the customer) and sent to the ageing kiln at a controlled temperature to obtain the desired hardness.
  • Customized packaging is completed by an automated process.

The process can be summed up in 5 essential parts:

  • Alloy to be used
  • Dies
  • Press
  • Hardening and ageing
  • Packing

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