tonne press

3,500 tonne press

The 3,500 tonne extrusion press was installed in 2011 and has an annual productive capacity of about 16,000 tonnes.
It is made with the most modern production techniques, and enables profiles for the most widely varying sectors of use to be produced.

The maximum dimensions that are achievable with the 3,500 press are:

410x5 mm for open sections
400x30 mm for rectangular tubular sections
200 Ø for circular sections
The weight limits of the profiles that are achievable with the 3,500 press are:

Minimum weight: 1,800 kg/m
Maximum weight: 20 kg/m
The customized profiles that overcome the indicated limits and dimensions can be made after a thorough study in collaboration with our Technical Department.

dettaglio stiratura con pressa da 3500 t